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AfterSales Service

At Porsche of Tucson, we believe your vehicle belongs on the road and not in the shop, and our factory-trained and certified Porsche master mechanics work quickly to complete your scheduled maintenance and repairs. And with Porsche AfterSales Service, you'll find a cadre of services equal to your luxury sports-car experience, including:

Dynamic Repair

Because minor damage is annoying enough. It usually results from external factors or simply everyday use. That not only spoils the car's looks and consequently your pleasure but it also affects the value of your vehicle. Porsche Dynamic Repair helps to ensure that this remains as high as possible, and that every original part remains on your Porsche. Dynamic Repairs include:

  • Glass Repair – A stone impact may seem slight but safe driving is only possible if you have good visibility. Glass repair prevents any cracks in the glass from spreading and breaking the windscreen. We would be pleased to advise on what types of stone chip can be repaired within the technical and legal limits. We will also deal with your insurance claim if required.
  • Paint Repair – If you are involved in active sport, scratches and bruises are unavoidable. But 'wound healing' can be accelerated at Porsche. In most cases it is possible to work on only the damaged area. The original part remains on the vehicle, thus saving time and costs.
  • Dent Repair – Using the dent repair service numerous dents and bulges without paint damage can be repaired virtually without trace. The time and costs involved are comparatively low as no parts have to be replaced. The repair depends on the size and number of dents and the deformation depth and position of the dent. However, minor damage to the edges of supporting body structures cannot be repaired.
  • PCM Repair – Porsche Communication Management (PCM) is of the same high quality as your Porsche and it is just as suitable for everyday use. However, traces of wear or minor damage can't always be avoided during use. Usually, it is possible to repair the PCM and replacement is not required. Please note that your PCM may be out of use for a few days.
  • Alloy Wheel Refurbishment – Alloy wheels are a real eye-catcher. However, they are often exposed not only to glances, but also severe stresses, sharp-edged gravel or curbs. Minor blemishes can be rectified in most cases. Our highly competent technical staff would be pleased to advise on the spot.
  • Interior Cosmetics – Why should your driving pleasure be reduced by signs of wear in the interior? Areas of damage such as grazes, scratches, pen marks etc., can be eliminated almost totally. Just like most spots or larger stains. We guarantee they will not rub off, and the quality will be excellent.

Car Cosmetic

Each Porsche, with its elegant, powerful and exceptional build, is instantly recognizable as one of the most distinct vehicles on the road. No wonder Porsche owners are passionate about keeping their vehicle as pristine as possible. With Porsche Car Cosmetic, you can experience the ultimate in car care directly from Porsche of Tucson.

This exclusive program comprises a range of care packages that cater to the highest expectations of our customers. Each package can be adapted to your Porsche, ensuring fully comprehensive, professional care as well as optimum value for money. Options range from a full valeting service, inside and out, to specialist treatment of paintwork and hood using high-quality products developed specifically for use on Porsches.

  • Porsche Car Cosmetic Comfort – This package uses a wide range of options to bring a whole new gleam to your Porsche. The service begins with a full exterior hand wash, including tar removal on the wheels, followed by an extensive cleaning program for the instruments, controls, glass and mirrors (interior and exterior), as well as all interior panels and carpets. If required, we can provide additional specialized valeting on upholstery, leather and interior rooflining, as well as fabric care and treatment on Cabriolet hoods.
  • Porsche Car Cosmetic Superior – For the ultimate in care for any Porsche model, choose Porsche Car Cosmetic Superior. This comprehensive package includes all basic care options, most of the items featured in the 'Comfort' package, plus a wide range of additional services. The most important of these are the cleaning and restoration of the luggage compartment(s) and the various rubber seals, a full underbody wash, plus wash and seal treatment for the engine compartment. Optional extras include a full wax service or paint conditioner treatment with long-term protection, exterior plastic conditioning, as well as special cleaning and treatment for your Cabriolet hood.

Seasonal Checks

You can expect certain things of a Porsche. That you will enjoy its technical performance every day of the year. Or that it will give you confidence to enjoy safe driving even when the weather is really against you. The Seasonal Checks carried out on your car at Porsche of Tucson will ensure that your driving pleasure is maintained for 365 days a year. Using a defined checklist specifically tailored to meet the needs of the coming months, we will give your Porsche a thorough check to prepare it perfectly for the upcoming season – all performed to the highest standards and according to your individual wishes.

  • Spring Check – Temperatures are rising, the days are getting longer. Now is the time for the Spring Check to give your car a clean bill of health after the harsh winter. In all Seasonal Checks, we first inspect the underlying functions and condition of the engine, chassis and underbody, as well as the exterior and interior equipment and the lighting. And so that you can enjoy the warmer months to the full, we can also store the hardtop of your Cabriolet and treat your Porsche to a complete wash.
  • Winter Check – Our Winter Check is designed to ensure that your Porsche is fully prepared for the colder months of the year. On the basis of our defined checklist, we will carefully check the vehicle and comprehensively prepare it to endure the inclement weather. If you wish, we can also replace the hardtop of your Cabriolet and give your Porsche a thorough clean – for unremitting driving pleasure whatever the weather.